Dress Chloe. Price under application

Evening wear and bridal dresses are designed and created just for you and your unique event by Nathasha Chabelnique and her team of highly skilled professionals. Nathasha Chabelnique gowns are made by hand and created by using a number of couture techniques such as weaving, handmade lace, hand knitting and crocheting as well as embroidery. Price is under application.

Kaftan Cleopatra. Price under application

 Dress and kimono Gatsby. Price under application

 Dress Daphnè. Price under application

 Dress Samsara. Price under application

 Dress Lotus. Price under application

Medusa & Oceania dresses

Octopus cardigan and skirt

Octopus set of cardigan and skirt are hand knitted from metallic soft yarn with elegant shimmer. The attraction and the facination is created by a hand crafted broch in a shape of deep water creature of octopus hiding in coral branches.

Medusa Dress

The Medusa gown is layered creation of tulle and hand crocheted golden lace, which is attached to the tulle top by applique and is loos over the multi layered skirt. The illusion of soft transparent jellyfish is complete.

Oceania corset is made of handmade lace: it's depicting the deep ocean creatures hiding in corals.

This is in fact a work of art and therefore an unique piece.

Price is under application.