About Us


Meet the designer.

Nathasha Chabelnique has founded her own label in april 2015 in Australia.

Born in Latvia, where she trained as a concert pianist, Nathasha's first career took here throughout Europe and Asia before moving to the Netherlands where she studied Design and Interior Architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague and the University of Creative Arts in the UK.

Her first capsule collection for Fall/Winter 2016/17 embraces Nathasha’s architectural approach to fashion. The Nathasha Chabelnique signature design features are subtle colour blocking within clean lines, expressive material texture and lovingly following the feminine silhouette.

Nathasha Chabelnique capsule collection is a reflection of Nathasha’s unique heritage and is dedicated to, and inspired by, the nature and people of her native country of Latvia. It is no coincidence that all of Nathasha’s designs are produced in this beautiful north European country.

Using a blend of soft flowing Italian cashmere, silk and mohair, Nathasha’s designs are intended to wrap females into cocoons of luxury.

From the beautiful intricate lace-work of mohair threads in her wrap-arounds to her body hugging cashmere dresses, Nathasha's designs exude quality and invoke a sensual experience. Nathasha’s designs are for women on the go who are confident in their powerful feminity.

Long Latvian winters has proofed Nathasha that if one chooses to wear feather light mohair, cashmere or extra fine merino wool, there is no need to layer your winter clothing: “One of the key objective's I had in mind was to create designs that look elegant in any temperature. Just one dress and you are ready for anything the weather will throw at you.”