Nathasha Chabelnique evening gowns in the Lilit magazine pictorial, December 2016 January 25, 2017 19:09

December 2016 Lilit magazine pictorial is traditionally dedicated to the approaching holiday season celebrations.

Oceania and Medusa, two of the Nathasha Chabelnique brand evening gowns were featured on the pages of the popular December issue.

The location of the Mencendorf House in the old town of medieval Riga provided a true fairytale setting where golden lace of the Medusa dress shimmered in the antic mirrors and candlelight reflected gently on the voluminous folds of the Oceania silk taffeta skirt...

Stylist: Kristina Rudzinska
Photograph Natalija Berezina
Models Rebeka and Kristina Brodere