Pictorial in styling pages Lilit magazine 12/2016 January 25, 2017 19:09

Styling pages in Lilit magazine December 2016 were naturally dedicated to coming holidays season celebration. Nathasha Chabelnique gowns Oceania and Medusa were participating in a stylish photoshoot under the leadership of Chief Style & Beauty department Kristina Rudzinska, photograf of Natalija Berezina, models Rebeka and Kristina Brodere. The location of Mencendorf House in old town of medieval Riga was a true fairytail. Dark golden shimmer of antique mirrors was reflected by elegant laces shine of the Medusa dress. Fragile candle-like light was falling gently on voluminous folds of Oceania silk skirt.

Nathasha Chabelnique first cover of N1 magazine in Latvia January 25, 2017 17:49

So excited about first magazine cover with Nathasha Chabelnique design. It is something of a landmark and gives lots of inspirations to let the creative juices  flow free. Tnanks to Lilit magazine editors and stylists: it is a great result. Many noted on delicate and feminine feel of the whole cover and that is so flattering! Hoeray! 

Riga Fashion Week SS17 January 25, 2017 17:24

Nathasha Chabelnique has presented the new Summer/Spring Collection at RFW in Oktober 2016. It is called 'Salty caramel' and is all about Sydney: sun shine, ocean and tropical sea creatures. The explosion of juicy colors borrowed from the wild pacific nature and mysterious depths of aquamarine ocean are predominant. It was warming up Riga's people who's hearts are open for every spare ray of sun shine: it's precious in the northen baltic land.



Special edition L'Officiel Riga Fashion Week January 25, 2017 17:18

Interview with January 25, 2017 17:10

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Hong Kong highlight February 7, 2016 03:35

How cool is that?

Nathasha Chabelnique was talk of the day and featured in South China Morning Post!

I was very excited to see it in the morning papers drinking my coffee.

Who wouldn't?

My collection was presented on those pages next to Taylor Swift's, but I doubt she can play Chopin's Polonaise in As Dur as well as I do!


Hong Kong Fashion week February 7, 2016 03:25

Hong Kong Fashion Week was a fantastic place to be on 18th to 21 of January 2016. I have been thrillled to be there and meet movers and shakers of the fashion industry today. 1500 exhibitors there: designers and manufacturers from Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, China, Japan, Europe...

My stand 3C-DS07 was located in International Designers section on a third floor. I had met buyers from Korea, Singapore and Australia. There else that could happen in the same week? 


My interview with number one glossy magazine Lilit. Моё интервью с журналом Лилит. PART 1 December 26, 2015 08:04

My interview in the Lilit magazine, the number one glossy in Latvia. My personal favorite. For a clever thinking girls. Will be translated very soon... I promise!

My interview with number one glossy magazine Lilit. Моё интервью с журналом Лилит. PART 2 December 26, 2015 08:04